7 reasons you should buy the new MacBook Air

MacBook Air 00072.JPGKif Leswing

Apple has an all-new MacBook Air in 2018.

Though it’s received plenty of internal upgrades over the years, Apple actually hadn’t touched the MacBook Air design since 2010. President Obama was two years into his first term, Russia had not yet annexed Crimea, and Tim Cook was still a year away from becoming Apple’s new CEO.

Eight years later, the world is a very different place, but the MacBook Air has persisted. At its October event, Tim Cook called the MacBook Air “the most beloved Mac ever,” and announced its first real hardware upgrade in years.

If you haven’t heard anything about the new MacBook Air, or if you’re on the fence about buying one, here are 7 reasons to consider Apple’s latest ultra-thin laptop:  

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