Feral dogs kill 3 Jackson Zoo animals, injure fourth

Feral dogs kill 3 Jackson Zoo animals, injure fourth

Dogs killed to protect other zoo animals, zoo officials say

Three feral dogs got in the Jackson Zoo overnight and killed three animals and injured a fourth.

Zoo staff was forced to kill the dogs to protect the other animals, zoo officials said.

The dogs were found about 8:30 a.m. Friday inside the African Savannah exhibit, authorities said. The remains of two Klipspringers and a spur-winged goose were found in the exhibit, along with an injured spur-winged goose, zoo officials said.

“The perimeter gates are monitoring frequently by daytime staff and overnight security, and staff is currently investigating the fence line for the dogs’ point of entry,” zoo officials said in a news release. “Although zoo animals are not treated as pets or companion animals, their caregivers do forge affectionate bonds with the animals and the loss is felt deeply.

Stray dogs were to blame for the deaths of at least six animals in 2015 and a flock of flamingoes in 2008.