Police vehicle involved in crash following pursuit

A Lawrence police vehicle was involved in a crash Friday while responding to a reported “altercation,” officials said.

Lawrence police said the situation began with a reported disturbance at the intersection of Marston and Canal Street.

“The disturbance was an altercation between an adult male who is now in police custody, and two juveniles age 16 and 17,” Lawrence police wrote.

The teenagers left the scene of the fight and were subsequently involved in a crash in which there were no injuries.

One Lawrence Police Department detective was also involved in a crash while responding to the incident. Police said the detective and the driver of another vehicle were taken to Lawrence General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

One of the crashes occurred near the intersection of Route 28 and Interstate 495. Flying over the area, Sky5 saw several police vehicles and two damaged Honda SUVs being towed away.

State police initially said the situation involved a carjacking. Lawrence police announced later that no carjacking was involved.