Everything's Okay You Guys, Li'l Sebastian Made It Into The Good Place

Yeah, there’s a lot of turmoil and unrest going on in the world at the moment, but here’s one thing you no longer need to worry about – miniature horse Li’l Sebastian, aka the pride of the Pawnee Harvest Festival, burning with the light of five thousand candles in the wind, officially made it into The Good Place.

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Darcy Carden shared an image of herself with the tiny, blessed pony earlier today, then NBC went and put it on the show’s official Instagram account, so yeah, we now know that Li’l Sebastian is spending eternity eating heaven’s hay and exploring corn mazes alongside Janet.

The Good Place and Parks & Recreation were both created by Michael Schur, and earlier this year, fans found some very strong hints that the two exist in the same universe, thanks to several ads that appeared on the back of Eleanor’s Celebrity Baby Plastic Surgery Disasters magazines.

One of the ads is for GLYDE, a perfume created by Pawnee fragrance king Dennis Feinstein, while the other is for a sparkling wine created by Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, both of whom are characters from Parks. 

Now, I guess it’s conceivable that Li’l Sebastian did some dark horse-y type things in his day and is actually in trapped in The Bad Place, in some kind of simulation like the one that ensnared Eleanor and her friends, but that’s highly unlikely and to be honest I’m not going to entertain that theory anymore.

Bye bye Li’l Sebastian, we’ll miss you in the saddest fashion: