Police respond to 'person in crisis' outside Cockeysville Home Depot

The Cockeysville Home Depot was put on lockdown Friday night as a precaution as officers responded to a “person in crisis” in the store’s parking lot.

Baltimore County police said around 3 a.m. Saturday that the incident was resolved peacefully and the person was taken into custody.

It started when police received a call around 3 p.m. Friday in reference to a man “in crisis,” police Lt. Andrea Bylen said. Officers located a vehicle related to the call and tried to stop it. The car continued into the Home Depot parking lot, Bylen said.

“The call that we received really was a multi-jurisdictional effort between some family members that had concerns about statements that he made, causing them to believe that he could be in crisis and needed to get some assistance or get connected to resources, which is what we are trying to do at this moment,” Bylen said.

Bylen said police believe the man had a weapon of some sort, but that officials didn’t believe anyone was in danger.

“We believe that he has a weapon, the specifics of that weapon, I really can’t speculate to. I don’t have that information right now, but our officers immediately detained him where he was and began communication. We made sure the area was safe. There is no one on the parking lot that is in harm’s way at this point,” Bylen said.

The Home Depot remained on lockdown as police continued to communicate with the man.

“There are about 40 to 50 customers and employees that are inside of the Home Depot, so they are still there and we do have that locked down, if you will, but we anticipate that we will get them home to their families very soon,” Bylen said.

Police asked the public to avoid the area, and Industry Lane was closed between Beaver Dam and York roads.

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