Watch: Oklahoma fan falls off Sooner Schooner, dragged across field

It’s always entertaining when interstate rivals Oklahoma and Oklahoma State square off on the football field, and Saturday’s game at Memorial Stadium was no different.

The game featured two high-octane offenses, which resulted in a shootout right out of the gate. The two teams went back and forth trading scores, and it was extremely entertaining to watch.

There was a tense moment that occurred after an Oklahoma touchdown, although it didn’t involve the players on the field. A member of the Oklahoma RUF/NEKS who was riding on the Sooner Schooner fell off the wagon as it was riding around the field during the routine celebration that follows touchdowns scored by the home team. He was dragged across the field, while a colleague tried to pull him back into the wagon, but failed in doing so. The man was then dragged into the tunnel, and he, somehow, managed to keep hold of the Sooners flag along the way, which was extremely impressive.

The fan did appear to be OK afterward, so it all worked out in the end. As for the Sooners and Cowboys, they just kept on scoring.