'Extremely rare:' 2 people report bobcat sightings near Lake Drive in

WHITEFISH BAY — Whitefish Bay police believe a bobcat is roaming around Lake Drive. Officials say a large cat was spotted in a woman’s backyard on Wednesday, Dec. 5 and another citizen saw a large wild cat near Big Bay Park on Friday, Dec. 7.

Bobcat spotted in Whitefish Bay

According to police, on Dec. 5 around 8 a.m., a citizen contacted police reporting he saw the large cat in between North Pailisades Road and North Lake Drive.

On Friday morning, Dec. 7 a woman reportedly captured several photos of a “large wild cat” in her backyard just north of Klode Park near Lake Drive. Officials believe after looking at the photos, it is a bobcat.

Bobcat spotted in Whitefish Bay

Whitefish Bay police contacted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. DNR authorities say citizens in the area are not at risk with the large cat being in the area. DNR officials say the larger wild cat in Wisconsin is a cougar approximately 110 pounds and their diet consists of deer. The smaller wild cat in Wisconsin is a bobcat approximately 20-40 pounds, and their diet consists of small game.

Authorities say the bobcat sighting is “extremely rare,” and the first probable bobcat sighting in Milwaukee County in quite some time.

Bobcat spotted in Whitefish Bay

Although not a risk to people, DNR officials say small pets should never be left unattended as other animals — besides bobcats — may attack them.

The Wisconsin DNR says bobcats are nocturnal in nature and if they are in a habitat they feel safe, they may roam about. The animals are very wary of humans and will actively avoid them. If you come into contact with a bobcat, the DNR says do not approach them but instead make noise to scare them away.

If you see a bobcat, you are asked to contact the Whitefish Bay Police Department non-emergency number at 414-351-9900. Also go to the Wisconsin DNR website and submit a large mammal observation form.