Orphaned bear cub rescued in Laconia

An orphaned bear cub was found in Laconia after he fended for himself for months.

On Thursday, a hunter discovered the bear.

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“Originally I thought it was a trash bag, until it turned its head and I realized trash bags don’t do that,” said Chris Lincoln, of Laconia. “And I noticed it was a black bear cub, very small.”

Lincoln was heading out hunting when he spotted the bear cub biologists were trying to trap for months, since the rest of his family was killed by a car.

“If the mother bear was still around, it would not be that small, so I decided to call (the New Hampshire Department of) Fish and Game,” Lincoln said.

Biologists rushed to the spot and tranquilized the cub.

Fish and Game said the bear was rescued just in time as it may have only survived another few weeks on its own.

“The bear today weighed about 15 pounds, and that should weigh about 40 pounds, so it has a lot of gaining do,” said Fish and Game wildlife biologist Andrew Timmins. “It’s been a pretty tremendous year with issues with orphaned cubs. Today’s bear made the 50th one that we’ve picked up since Sept. 26, so this bear will go to a rehabilitator in Lyme, New Hampshire.”

Lincoln said he felt proud to be able help the cub and will never forget the experience.

“Overwhelming, incomparable,” he said. “He’s so small, so soft, really cute. It just felt really good to be able to save his life. I could guarantee that I save this black bear’s life, which will lead to multiple black bears in the future and the ability for my son to enjoy the black bears species.”

The cub should ready to be released back into the wild by spring.