Halfway there: Ranking the songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's final season

Let’s check in with how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s trademark musical numbers are stacking up at the halfway point of the show’s last season.

So far, season 4 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been hit or miss with its musical numbers. Sure, there have been plenty of high points, but there have been times this season where the songs can’t quite seem to stick to a cohesive theme.

Of course, it bares mentioning that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has never put out a “bad” song, and season 4 is no exception. The show just aired its midseason finale, so here’s a quick ranking of the final season’s first 15 songs.

15. The Group Mind Has Decided You’re In Love

While a fun dance number and clever commentary on how weird shipping is at its core, this song went in some weird directions that didn’t quite gel together as well as it could have. It gets kudos, though, for including almost the entire main and peripheral cast.

14. Farewell, Sweet Mustache

Daryll’s lullaby to his newly shaved mustache as his real daughter cries in the background is cute, but ultimately inconsequential.

13. Twisted Fate

This song is too weird to be higher on this list, but only Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would have the gall to devote two minutes of screen time to a Simon & Garfunkel-esque song performed by two depressed pretzels.

12. If You Ever Need A Favor in 50 Years

It’s always a good time when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings in a guest star for a musical number, and it’s also always welcome when the show wears its Jewish roots on its sleeve. This song combines both, and is only this far down on the list because of how short it is.

11. Trapped In A Car With Someone You Don’t Want To Be Trapped In A Car With

The opening to this song suggests a Beach Boys riff, but the rest of it is a little too scattered to build on its early potential. That first minute-and-a-half is gold, though.

10. No One Else Is Singing My Song

This three-way harmony between Josh, Nathaniel and Rebecca hilariously spoofs the notion that our problems are unique to us. It loses points for including the creepy grocery store guy, but otherwise is a solid effort.

9. Forget It

All hail Tovah Feldshuh, who went full pop icon in this song shaming her daughter for her career change. This one is almost a little too Jewish for its own good, but she’s just wonderful.

8. Time To Seize The Day

Rachel Bloom crushes this zany song about Rebecca trying to overcome her shame and leave her house. It’s a master-class in both quick wordplay and useful procrastination techniques.

7. What’s Your Story?

This Chicago “Cell Block Tango” parody should’ve been a little stronger, but it does illustrate the realities of how most people end up in jail and the fact their stories are usually more sad than sensational.

6. What U Missed While U Were Popular

This is both a great “Hollaback Girl”-like ditty and also a glimpse into Rachel Bloom’s childhood.

5. I Want To Be A Child Star

Luca Padovan could easily be Justin Bieber or Harry Styles if he chose that path. And his character, Tucker Bunch, hilariously describes in song form why that’s exactly the direction he wants his life to go.

4. Don’t Be A Lawyer

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend went back to the ’80s to explain why being a lawyer is terrible. This song even features a CBS and CW lawyer jumping out a window to put himself out of his misery. If you’re into bad suits and jokes about Jeff Sessions, this song is what you’ve been waiting for.

3. Hello, Nice to Meet You

All it took was this fake meet-cute duet to convince audiences that, after two seasons apart, Greg and Rebecca might actually be meant to be together. Doing so while seamlessly introducing Skylar Astin as Greg makes this song’s accomplishments even more impressive.

2. The Cringe

Patton Oswalt is right: We may think ghosts are scary, but nothing is as frightening as embarrassing moments from our past. The zombies and skeleton dresses are an incredible touch.

1. I’ve Always Never Believed In You

Paula has always had the best voice on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and this song about how she’s never believed her eldest son would amount to anything is her magnum opus. As with the best songs in the show’s history, this one is funny, serves as a brilliant parody of a musical genre (in this case, the power ballad) and reveals a lot about Paula’s relationship with Brendan. It’s this season’s musical high point, so far at least.

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