Kim Basinger celebrates birthday

imageToday celebrates an impressive 65-year anniversary of Kim Basinger

The peak of popularity of beauty came in the 80s and 90s, and now Kim is increasingly removed in minor roles and barely visible projects. But we still remember and love.

Today celebrates an impressive 65-year anniversary of Kim Basinger – one of the most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood and a real sex symbol of the last two decades of the last century.

The greatest popularity was brought to her participation in such cult films as “Nine and a half weeks” and “Secrets of Los Angeles”. Moreover, for the role in the past she received two highly prestigious awards – “Golden globe” and “Oscar”.

And in General, over his 40-year acting career, the star has been regularly nominated for various awards, although ironically most often received attention anteprime “Golden raspberry”. On her radar, Kim was hit seven times, and earlier this year even won, earning the title of worst actress of the second plan.

Now Basinger continues to play on average one or two projects a year. Among the most noticeable may be noted the erotic trilogy “Fifty shades of grey” and action Comedy “good OLE boys”. But about all under the order.

Never say never (1983)
Having started his career in the 16 years since the fashion business in which she has reached good heights, at 23, Kim has decided to try himself in the acting field. So, in 1976, she moved from new York to Los Angeles, where she began to actively pass the auditions. The result was numerous series and TV movies, which gradually paved the future star of the road in a big movie. And it has not kept itself waiting long. In the early ‘ 80s, Basinger was offered to play a James bond girl, which became a real breakthrough. Similarly, lucky beauty and with a partner – to participate in the “never say “Never” to the image of the legendary spy as an exception returned Sean Connery – his first and most prized performer.

Nine and a half weeks (1985)
After James bond Kim began to offer more ambitious projects. For example, she was lucky to star in the romantic Comedy “the Man who loved women”, where her partner was Burt Reynolds, as well as to work with Robert Redford in the sports drama “the Nugget”. The latter, incidentally, brought the girl first nomination for “Golden globe”. But the main movie Basinger was, of course, the erotic drama “Nine and a half weeks,” in which she pair with Mickey Rourke (another sex symbol of that time) played extremely passionate and all-consuming affair. Paradoxically, invested in the production of money, the picture is not recaptured and even received three nominations for “Razzie”, which, however, ex-post compensated by its overwhelming popularity and the introduction to the list of genre masterpieces.

Blind date (1987)
The second half of the 80s in the career of the actress began expectedly Golden period. And although critics do not always favorably evaluated its work, each of them received a lot of attention. Including romantic Comedy “blind Date” in which Kim played a modest beauty Nadia, turned out for a small dose of alcohol of frivolous and extravagant girl, and then engage in trouble, the hero of Bruce Willis. The film has received not very good reviews, but were able to collect a good box office.

My stepmother is an alien (1988)
The same memorable, but not the most successful pictures with actress can be attributed to the fantastic Comedy “My stepmother is an alien”. It is as easy to guess from the name, Basinger had to embody the image of a fascinating alien species arriving on Earth with an important mission – to seduce physicist, whose research must help save her home. Overall, the film received not the most flattering reviews, but the game is Kim, by contrast, has won many accolades, so the nomination for the award “Saturn” was quite natural.

Batman (1989)
Much more successful was released a year later “Batman” by Tim Burton. His version of the adventures of the iconic superhero famous storyteller outlined long before the advent of modern comic kynoselen and even kolanowski trilogy, which only added to her value and interest. Burton designed the pattern inherent in his work the Gothic style, and the main parties have given Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson (in fact, Batman and Joker). Basinger got the role of a journalist investigating a mysterious folk avenger and part-time girlfriend of his civilian alter ego Bruce Wayne. The film was well received by all and even got one “Oscar” and actress brought another nomination for “Saturn” and became the highest grossing project in its track record.

The Secrets Of Los Angeles (1997)
In the first half of the 90s pretty actively continued its cooperation with leading Directors and colleagues. Among the paintings of this period mention the Thriller “Final analysis” and “Escape”, the Comedy “Wayne’s World 2” and “High fashion” as well as musical melodrama “the Habit to marry”, which Kim had the opportunity to not only show their singing talent, but also to meet her future husband Alec Baldwin. However, the most outstanding film of this decade it was, neonoir “Secrets of Los Angeles”, in which the company on the set she made Russell Crowe, guy Pearce and Kevin spacey. In the tape, exploring the criminal side of the capital of the American film industry, the girl played an elite prostitute and the mistress of one of the key characters. The film received very strong support from critics and the Academy, which was a couple dozen nominations in leading awards, including the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival. The same Basinger “Secrets” provided the “Oscar” for best actress the second plan.

8 mile (2002)
Then the actress starred in several commercially disastrous films, and in 2002 with her participation came at a serious social drama “8 mile,” has proved successful in all respects. The focus of the tape is a young white guy living in the black district of Detroit in absolute poverty and growing racial intolerance. The main role in the film was played by the popular rapper Eminem, whose biography is, in fact, formed the basis of the plot (though largely altered). Basinger got the image of his mother – the wives of the trailer Park, suffering from alcohol dependence and torn between her son and new husband.

Cellular (2004)
After a couple of years and projects the actress along with Jason Statema and Chris Evans starred in the Thriller “Cellular”. In it, Kim had to embody the image of a kidnap victim, the only chance for salvation which is a mobile phone and a random person on the other side of the “wire”. The film received more positive reviews, but Basinger is the third nomination for “Saturn”. In General, however, zero began to her early career sunset – a large part of her work has not received even a small portion of the former attention, and criticism (with rare exceptions) was merciless.

Nice guys (2016)
Recent years is also difficult to call Kim for a good. She starred in a dozen tapes, many of which were barely seen. Fortunately, exceptions also happen. These can be attributed mystical teenage romance “the Double life of Charlie St. cloud”, a sports Comedy with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone “Grand revenge”, and also mentioned in the beginning of Goodfellas – dynamic detective parody describing the investigation of another crime of the century undertaken by the two detectives losers (Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe). Basinger in this story embodied the image of the mother is very unfortunate girl disappeared, having the direct attitude.

Fifty shades freed (2018)
But the most ambitious project to which Kim was lucky enough recently to join, was an adaptation of the book series of the bestseller “Fifty shades of grey”. It (or rather, in the last two parts of three) played a pretty minor character – a former lover of the main character, once upon a time it seduced. Movies, of course, were perceived by many negatively, and Basinger presented a “Razzie”, perpetuate the worst actress, however they also ensured all participants in the process an incredible amount of attention, and gathered quite a decent box office.