Police search for gunman at Fashion Place mall in Murray, two people have been

Police are hunting for a gunman after a shooting Sunday afternoon at Fashion Place mall, 6191 S. State St., in Murray. Police say two people have been injured and their statuses are unknown. People are being asked to avoid the area. People can gather near the Red Lobster to reunite with those who were in the mall.

Abbigail Loveridge, who works at the Attic Salt store, said she heard the fire alarm and then gunshots. “People started running. Right in front of our store, I watched people get shot down,” she said. “Women and children are getting trampled, especially little kids.”

She ran to safety.

Ermiya Fanaeian is a student activist with Utah’s March for our Lives, a group created after the Parkland, Fla. mass shooting. She’s currently hiding in the mall with about 30 others. She didn’t hear the shots, but has seen police in the hour she has been hunkered down.

“I’m feeling absolutely terrified,” Fanaeian told The Salt Lake Tribune. “This should never happen.”

(Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune) Ermiya Fanaeian and other participants march from West High School to the state Capitol during the March for Our Lives SLC Saturday, March 24, 2018. The student-led March for Our Lives SLC got underway about 11:30 a.m. with what police estimated were 8,000 participants walking from Salt Lake CityÕs West High School to the front steps of the state Capitol.

State Rep. Carol Spackman Moss went to the mall to do a little shopping and get some exercise when a fire alarm went off. No one seemed to respond, then suddenly employees started shutting security doors to each store and urging people to quickly leave. “It is the real deal,” said Moss, a Democrat from Holladay, as she sat in a long line of traffic made up of mall patrons. “It can happen anywhere, but it is really startling when it does.”