Brutal heatwave set to hit every state in Australia

Every state and territory can expect a brutally hot start to the week with extreme temperatures set to soar into the 40s in parts of the country.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts low-intensity heatwave conditions in parts of central Western Australia to southern parts of the Northern Territory, southwestern Queensland, and across NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

It will be worst in South Australia with multiple days of temperatures above 40C, an unusual event even for summer, meteorologist Dean Narramore said on Sunday.

“Particularly northern South Australia, they’re looking at maybe five days in a row above 45 and normally they might only get five or 10 a year,” he said.

Melbourne can expect to see a few days in the mid to high 30s, while temperatures in Sydney’s west will peak above 40C for four or five days.

A cyclone is also brewing off Western Australia’s Kimberley coast.

A line of potentially severe thunderstorms is approaching Broome and is forecast to reach the town between 8:30pm and 9pm.

A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for possible damaging winds.


Monday: Min 21, Max 29 (Partly Cloudy)

Tuesday: Min 22, Max 31 (Mostly sunny)

Wednesday: Min 22, Max 32 (Mostly sunny)


Monday: Min 18, Max 35 (Sunny)

Tuesday: Min 19, Max 35 (Partly cloudy)

Wednesday: Min 21, Max 32 (Partly cloudy)

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Sydneysiders are set to flock to Bondi Beach to escape the lingering heat this week. Image: Getty


Monday: Min 22, Max 31 (Mostly sunny)

Tuesday: Min 22, Max 32 (Mostly sunny)

Wednesday: Min 22, Max 33 (Mostly sunny)


Monday: Min 17, Max 39 (Sunny)

Tuesday: Min 21, Max 41 (Sunny)

Wednesday: Min 21, Max 40 (Hot and partly cloudy)


Monday: Min 17, Max 30 (Mostly Sunny)

Tuesday: Min 17, Max 30 (Windy and sunny)

Wednesday: Min 17, Max 29 (Sunny)

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It was so hot in parts of Victoria last week that one man was left with a horrific burn after coming into contact with a scorching seatbelt buckle. Image: Reddit


Monday: Min 17, Max 35 (Partly Cloudy)

Tuesday: Min 19, Max 39 (Hot and sunny)

Wednesday: Min 19, Max 40 (Hot and mostly sunny)


Monday: Min 14, Max 25 (Mostly Sunny)

Tuesday: Min 16, Max 29 (Partly cloudy)

Wednesday: Min 17, Max 25 (Possible light shower)


Monday: Min 24, Max 31 (Showers and possible storm)

Tuesday: Min 24, Max 31 (Morning rain and possible storm)

Wednesday: Min 26, Max 33 (Possible showers and storm)