Police hunting for 2 suspects after shooting at Fashion Place Mall in Murray

MURRAY — Police are hunting for two suspects after a shooting Sunday afternoon at Fashion Place Mall, where police say two people were injured.

Murray police officials said they believe the two suspects have left the mall.

Police are asking people to avoid the area.

The status of the victims were not yet known other than they were being treated at Intermountain Medical Center and were not in critical condition. Police are expected to give more information within the hour.

One witness described a large response from law enforcement.

“We saw cops come in from everywhere,” said Loren Okuly, who was in the parking lot of the mall in Murray. “Guys running, from like Cheesecake Factory toward Red Rock Brewery with not pistols, but full on assault rifles in their hands.”

Dozens of patrol cars from multiple Salt Lake Valley police agencies surrounded the mall, spanning several blocks. Groups of people could be seen leaving the mall and reuniting with concerned family members at the Taco Bell on the northwestern side of the mall.

Rebecca Madsen, 20, was working at a chocolate kiosk in the mall when she said alarms started sounding. She ran to the nearby jewelry store, Claire’s, and she and other store employees barricaded the doors with filing cabinets when it became apparent through the chaos that a shooting had occurred.

“It’s fight or flight,” Madsen said, wiping away tears. “I just prayed to God and asked for help and protection.”

She said she felt her prayers were answered.

“We got out safe, everything was fine, we were able to stay calm,” she said, noting that she’s left feeling “traumatized.”

“You never expect it to happen where you live,” Madsen said. “Even though you see it all the time.”

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While barricaded inside the store, Madsen said she called her mother, Tiffany Madsen, to let her know of the situation. Tiffany Madsen ran straight to the Taco Bell to reunite with her daughter once she got direction from police.

“You don’t think this could happen anywhere in Utah,” Tiffany Madsen said. The mother said she was just grateful her daughter was safe.

“(I) just feel sad for the victims and keep your prayers to God,” Tiffany Madsen said. “What else can you do in a situation like this.”

More information will be posted as it becomes available.