Winter Storm Troubles Commonwealth; Va. Police Report 324 Crashes


The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) stated that thousands of crew members had been deployed as of Sunday, January 13, all across the commonwealth following the winter storm. 

VDOT reported minor to moderate conditions along most interstates as well as primary and secondary roads.        

Primary roadways have been cleared within Charlottesville, with snow plows headed into residential and secondary roads to clear off slush and snow from the road.

Charlottesville Public Works crews will be working through the night on Sunday to plow the remaining city streets. 

Back at the City’s Operations Center, Public Works employees continued to monitor the status of the city streets as well as incident reports.

“It never does what we think it’s going to do so it’s kind of an hour to hour view of what we need to do to react to it so we’re always adapting to the situation and you know applying resources as needed,” said Charlottesville Public Works Director Paul Oberdorfer. “For us there’s no such thing as being over prepared we’re always prepared to react in whatever ways necessary.”

Public works said they will continue to monitor overnight road conditions as temperatures drop. There will be potential for re-freezing overnight.

Randy Beverly, who was plowing the roads said, “Yeah I mean if it’s possible that’s the best thing just to stay off, stay of the roads till we get them clean.”

Less traffic on the roadways made for easier and quicker clean up, which has drivers like Keenan France impressed with the city’s road conditions.

“I’ve been mainly around the city and they’ve been pretty clear for the most part I mean there’s still a little slick in some places but they’ve been pretty clear,” said France. “Use your best judgment, like if you’re walking outside and you’re slipping all over the place it’s probably not the best for your tires either. That’s kind of the judgment I use. If I’m not slipping all over the place like my car should be okay.”

Oberdorfer stated, “It seemed like there was very low traffic volume on the road and that helps us immensely with cleanup, especially in intersections and in areas that generally were congested, so with people staying home it made our job a lot easier.”

Virginia State Police had their hands full responding to weather-related accidents across the state on Sunday.

Since Saturday, January 12 at 11:59 p.m., troopers responded to more than 324 traffic crashes.

VDOT plans to have all roads passable within 48 hours of the storm’s end.