17 people share where their high school crushes are today. (Hint: Probably gay.)

They say first love is the strongest, but nobody forgets their first real crush. It hits everyone like a boombox to the face at a school talent show and it makes us sweaty, anxious and weird.

Whether you have the type of high school love that involves promises of marriage and babies, emo make out sessions in cemeteries, or only communicating via text message and then running away the second you see them in the hallway–first love is true love. There’s a reason why Romeo & Juliet had to die and it’s because being a teenager in love makes everyone fully insane.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a recent Reddit thread asked users, “What is your high school crush doing now?” and people truly went there. From heartwarming tales of unrequited love to reigniting old flames into adulthood, love is in the internet air. Welcome back to high school, we hope you all find Hershey kisses in your lockers.

1. Give it up for Todd, “IronMermaiden.”

Hes married to his high school girlfriend. When I was a sophomore he was a senior and I wrote him a note and asked him out to get coffee. He was so polite about turning me down. Todd… you beautiful man… if you’re reading this, hi and thanks for not crushing a 16 year old to pieces.

2. It’s ok, “shalste2.”

She’s married to a guy in the MLB, before me she dated another guy who made it to the NBA. I’m decent at beer pong and throwing a frisbee tho :/

3. Anything is possible, “kingxgamer.”

I was actually thinking about her the other week. She graduated and never got on social media, so I never was able to befriend her on Facebook. None of my friends even remembers her… I describe what she looked like and everything, so I’m thinking she never existed and I’m just crazy.

4. We all go through a Jack phase, “quokka597.”

I have two. I haven’t kept up with them, but this question inspired me to look them up on Facebook.

One of them is studying political science at Yale and will be starting law school in the fall.

The other one hasn’t posted anything on Facebook in years, but his profile picture is a photo of him drinking Jack straight out of the bottle.

5. Well done, “squeeeeenis.”


I did, however, hook up with him before prison.

6. Wow this is beautiful, “grammarchick.”

I’m not sure, but I know he did get a teaching degree so hopefully he got a good job and is enlightening kids somewhere. I actually went to the same college that he did, and just before he graduated I simply sat down with him and confessed that he had been my crush back in high school. He turned bright red and said he was surprised he was anyone’s crush – he was caught up in sports and extra classes and didn’t date much. He thanked me and gave me a hug, and somewhere in my head my 16-year-old self shrieked with glee.

7. This is the truest of tragedies, “Impulse882.”

Recently found out I was the high school crush of my high school crush.

Oh the chances we don’t take

8. This is a three sentence story that make me cry, “uusuzanne.”

Got back together with him after 38 years apart. We had 8 wonderful years before he died of cancer. He’s been gone 3 years now and the loss is still fresh. But I am so glad we had those 8 years!

9. Very important information, “teaching-man.”

I just googled her, yeah, she’s still hot.

10. We all have our strengths, “JDLovesElliot.”

She’s a crossfit bodybuilder now. I am struggling to go to the gym once a week.

11. Good one, “DerpySealzVI.”

Idk, she has her curtains closed so I can’t look in

12. Aww, “ExtensionPerformer.”

He’s over on the couch browsing reddit on his phone.

13. Yes, yes, yes! “kmfstudios.”

Watching TV in our room. We reconnected almost 20 years after high school. I’m planning on proposing next month.

14. Nice, “Hogosha.”

I have 2. One is happily married to her wife and serving the military. The other is in the FBI.

I think I have a type

15. We’ve all been here, “prunepicker.”

He’s living with his boyfriend on the coast of California. No, I didn’t know he was gay.

16. High school is a real journey, “jewbotbotbot.”

She came out as a lesbian and started dating my best friend. I have since come out as gay so we’re all just friends now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!