Brock Sunderland goes to Plan B on CFL free agency day with loss of Mike Reilly

Brock Sunderland clearly got ahead of the game.

A lot of people wondered when word got out last week that the Eskimos gave teams permission to talk to quarterback Mike Reilly before the official start of the CFL’s free agent frenzy.

Sunderland had worked with his football operations team in Edmonton putting together various scenarios.

The move to allow teams to talk to Reilly ahead of the starting gun, paid off on the weekend.

“Later in the week it would have been pretty obvious. I think if he was going to be back, I think he would have been back. And over the weekend I got a call from his agent saying he was going to officially hit the market.”

That allowed Sunderland to toss Plan A into the trash and proceed.

“I was hoping to add eight players in free agency but you just never know. There were three or four guys we didn’t get.”


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