Mo'Nique Threatens To 'Punch' Steve Harvey In Explosive Fight Over Her Being

Steve Harvey’s explosive sit-down interview with Mo’Nique is here, & things seriously get heated between the two!

While rumors swirled that Mo’Nique allegedly “slapped” Steve Harvey during their heated discussion on the talk show, Steve, that didn’t exactly happen. However, Mo’Nique and Steve do go head-to-head on the comedienne’s comments about Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry, and Mo goes as far to say she is “getting ready to punch Steve in the mouth.” The debate raged over Mo’Nique’s comments about being “blackballed” from movie roles, and even told Daniels, Perry and Oprah to “suck my d***” during a stand-up. The highly-anticipated interview began with Steve telling Mo’Nique, “You have been a problem. Let’s go. You started getting labeled as difficult, why do you believe that happened and do you see that changing and why?”

“I said no to some very powerful people,” the Precious star responded, and went on to say she didn’t appreciate how Steve, in particular, handled the situation after news broke that she was “blackballed from the industry.” “When I heard you went on the air and you said, ‘My sister burnt too many bridges and there’s nothing I can do for her now,’ Steve, do you know how hurt I was?” Mo’Nique continued. Steve assured the Oscar-winner that he didn’t disagree with why she was angry, especially when it came to her low-paying Netflix deal, but he thought she “went about it wrong.” “We can’t cure darkness with more darkness,” he said to her.

In the second part of the heated interview, Steve began by setting the record straight with Mo’Nique, and even apologizing for not calling her when it first happened. “Here is what I want you to understand, as we try to come through this, I know who you really are, I want you to come through this.  I love you like a sister, I hate what is happening to you. I want them to know you are caring, a great mother, you are an incredible mother,” Steve said holding her hand and looking into her eyes. “I don’t like the fact you’ve been blackballed…I want this to end for you. Because I love you. Because these people are doing it the wrong way and you’re better than that. I probably should’ve called you as soon as it happened, but I didn’t. When I did, I listened to you, but I told you in the beginning we’re going about this the wrong way.”

He continued, “These people owe you an apology. You owe those people an apology.” Steve revealed that he wanted to try to bring the parties involved together, privately, to talk things through. “Then I’m gonna ask them to say it publicly so you can get the release that you need,” he promised.