How local water advisory will affect restaurants on Valentine's Day

In an email Jennifer Wentzel from Public Health Dayton-Montgomery County sent to Amy Zahora, executive director of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association, she outlined instructions restaurants should follow.

“If facilities do not have water, they may not operate. If they are under a boil order which is very likely, there are certain steps they need to take to continue to operate.”

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Zahora said Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for local restaurants, but they are prepared to deal with the issue.


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“We are working closely with Montgomery County, but our restaurants know what to do in a boil advisory to make sure your Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch,” Zahora said.

Among procedures the Ohio Department of Health says restaurants should follow during a water interruption:

* Obtain and use prewashed packaged produce;

* Use produce washed prior to interruption;

* Use frozen/canned produce;

* Wash fresh produce with potable water from an alternative approved source.

* Discontinue sale of prepared foods;

* Use water from an alternative approved source;

* Use ice prepared before interruption;

* Do not use ice in preparing/serving beverages;

* Purchase commercially packaged potable ice.

* Have employees wash hands with potable water from an approved alternative source;

* Use only single-service tableware and single use kitchenware;

* Wash utensils, etc. with an approved alternative water source.

Zahora has shared instructions from the Ohio Department of Health with restaurants that are members of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association.