Police to Add Security at New Britain Mosque in Wake of New Zealand Shootings

At least 49 people were killed during mass shootings at mosques in New Zealand on Friday afternoon.

The news is upsetting to people across the globe, including Muslims in Connecticut. 

Jason Tartt, the vice president for the Islamic Association of Central Connecticut, still plans on attending Friday prayer at the mosque in New Britain. 

“My love and respect for Islam is much greater than my fear and that’s what helps me get through my day to day,” Tartt said. 

New Britain Police have had a police officer stationed outside the mosque for Friday prayer for the last four or five years, according to Tartt. But following the events in New Zealand, police plan on having two officers for services on Friday. 

As Tartt prepares to attend, he said he wants people to know that Islam is about peace, not terrorism. He is hoping in the wake of this tragedy that people will take time to learn about Islam and break this cycle of violence. 

“We live in peace amongst other people and actually try to spread love and peace as our day to day,” said Tartt.