2020 Rejects & Remainders

Ok, was trying to stay out of this, but so far the “no way Jose” list:

– Tulsi Gabbard (Fox hawk if not Russian asset in Hawaiian hulu skirt with jackboots)

– Howard Schultz (latte corporate vulture with an odd sense of “centrist” looking more like “blame the Dems for asking for nice things” misguided conception of “independent”, while pitching a well-tarnished “businessman saves America” deficit-scold message. 15 years ago maybe – plus a business run only on young hipster easily-exploited youth hardly seems like it offers a breakthrough message for the rest of us)

– Joe Biden (awful on women’s issues and, as Warren’s book notes, pushed much of the corporate entitlement that’s created such inequality in 2019)

– Hillary Clinton (I suspect someone’s floating her name just to get people to pee themselves, but no, not again, sorry, just too fatiguing)

– Beto (okay, he hasn’t declared, but aside from being charismatic and knowing how to lose a Texas election, he has enough baggage over his city council support of his father-in-law, as well as his fairly wealthy lazy years as an adult. I’d rather vote Jack Black, who’s roughly the same – in movies; in real life he’s a raging success)

– Bernie (“old & in the way” was Jerry Garcia’s non-Dead band, and while arguably Bernie put some fire in the race in 2016 – some such as myself say too much – a repeat isn’t in the cards aside from one of these aging rock star reunion tours. Besides, he lags too much with women’s and minority issues, and he doesn’t have the adoring crowd he had last time, plus he’s getting old a.f.)

– Trump, of course (GOP of course, & hopefully will be in Rikers by New Years at latest, but in any case, couldn’t even manage the Republican Senate defections in this year’s New Years stare-a-thon shutdown. Walking dead, so to speak)


– Nancy Pelosi (she’s starting to give “old a.f.” a nice ring to it, what with her White House showdowns & her Cool Hand Lukette use of her shades after blowing someone away – perhaps she’s the Devil  Wears Prada/in the Red Dress, but she’s on our side – and with a lucky roll of the dice, she could be prez even without a vote)

– Andrew Yang (has been in the race for a while, and has the businessman pedigree, but to claim that “the government’s business is business” no longer works – and is baking in a Universal Basic Income into his program. Of course the events of the last year may put him more behind the 8-ball or firmly into irrelevance, and Elizabeth Warren has a much stronger regulatory & legislative record with stated on similar topics, but still an interesting character)

– and all the rest – Liz, Kamala, Kirsten, Julian Castro, Buttibuig(?) – still not enough energy to look at the positive choices & their positives – too busy knocking off the easy low-hanging fruits.

Who Knows?

– Michael Bloomberg (old megarich white cat from New York might not be what’s trending in Trump derangement/MeToo-Women’s March times, but he’s got credibility from being Mayor & just talking more reasonably than Schultz could ever muster. Here are some of Bloomberg’s stumbles.  Are these enough to derail him, or are they already quaint by post-Trump daily insanity standards?)

Do note that at this stage it’s probably most important to keep the Democratic field from being an overstocked laughable chaotic mess like the GOP’s assortment in 2016 that helped Trump, or the Dems’ “7 Dwarves” in some earlier primary season. 5 serious contenders is probably the max number before it becomes a farce.