Draymond Green Calls Klay Thompson The Second Best Shooter Ever

According to Draymond Green, Klay Thompson is the second-best shooter ever after Stephen Curry.

“100 percent.” That was Green’s response when asked by Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle whether Thompson would finish as the second-best shooter ever.

Thompson has definitely shown spurts of greatness beyond reach, especially when he scored 37 points in a quarter. The talent of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson has never been seen in NBA history, but with Thompson playing alongside Curry, it’s hard to measure how good Thompson really is. He would definitely be the best three-point shooter on any other team in the NBA, but much like Scottie Pippen’s talent being stained by Michael Jordan, Thompson’s three-point shooting abilities are overlooked because of Curry.

He has had an offseason shooting-wise and shot just 33 percent from three through late December. It looked as if his streak of seven seasons shooting above 40 percent from beyond the arc would be in jeopardy.

However, Thompson may have found his mark in bouncing back with a 40.4 season three-point percentage – a feat he has completed every season in the NBA.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has the highest career three-point shooting percentage in NBA history, commented on Thompson’s shooting:

“I think his jump shot is about as pure as I’ve ever seen, mechanically. It’s just unbelievably balanced and squared. I call him ‘Iron Byron,’ if you’re a golfer (a machine named after the picture-perfect swing of longtime golfer Byron Nelson). He’s a machine that just repeats the same motion over and over.”

Thompson’s gift may be overshadowed by Curry, but statistics will show that he was one of the best shooters ever, and the second best according to Draymond Green.