Former CBI joint director VV Lakshminarayana to join Janasena

VIJAYAWADA: In a major political development former CBI joint director VV Lakshminarayana decides to join Janasena on Sunday. Lakshminarayana who met Pawan Kalyan at Janasena office on Saturday night discussed various issues.

The move came after Janasena Visakhapatnam parliamentary candidate Gedela Srinubabu joined YSRCP on Saturday evening. Lakshminarayana is likely to contest from Visakhapatnam parliamentary constituency.

Pawan Kalyan hoped that honest civil servant like Lakshminarayana will enhance the credibility of the party. “I know Lakshminarayana for last 7 years and we met some time ago. We thought of working together in 2014 but it didn’t happen as Lakshminarayana got transferred to Maharashtra. This time we will work together and try to strengthen the party,” Pawan Kalyan said.
Speaking about the alliance with Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Pawan said that his ideology is very near to Mayawati and many of his friends, leading Bahujan movement, asked him to play active role in BSP. “I was asked to lead BSP in AP years ago and I was unable to accept that proposal as my brother Chiranjeevi was to start a political party at that time. Janasena gave that opportunity to me and I’m delighted to work with a visionary like Mayawati,” Pawan said.
Lakshminarayana said that he is happy to join Janasena which is working in a transparent way.
Party source confirmed that the official joining of Lakshminarayana will be at around 11am on Sunday.