'JD' Lakshmi Narayana joining Janasena, big boost to the party

Finally the dream combination happened. CBI former joint director JD Lakshmi Narayana is joining janasena party today. After having 45 minutes discussion with Pawan Kalyan on Saturday midnight both of them came to an understanding to work together. Along with him, his co brother and SK university vice chancellor Rajagopal also accompanied and he is also expected to join janasena today.

From retirement to joining Janasena:

On the day of Lakshmi Narayana resignation itself Telugu 360 wrote that he will be joining janasena while all the mainstream media expecting him to join BJP or float his own party.

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However, Lakshmi Narayana instead of joining in janasena immediately, wanted to tour the entire state and interact with farmers to know the issues. He toured entire state and came up with some suggestions to improve the plight of farmers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But at that time mainstream media published the news that he may actually go for his own political party instead of joining the other parties. There were also reports that his political party will be named as Jana Dhwani, which will have acronym of JD, that is in sync with the position he held in CBI and the title with which he became popular in Andhra Pradesh.

Later there was news about him joining TDP but Janasena spokesperson Addepalli Sridhar told in a TV debate that there is a very minor issue with Lakshmi Narayana and that can be sorted out with a single phone call . He urged channels not to spread the false news about him joining into TDP. Telugu 360 dig deep into the matter and found out the actual meaning behind Sridhar statement.

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Saturday midnight frenzy at janasena office:

But suddenly news broke out Saturday night that JD Lakshmi Narayana is coming to janasena party office. He came , met Pawan Kalyan and had discussions for around 45 minutes. Janasena fans came in thousands to the party office and they waited there till 3 a.m. in the morning to hear the outcome of the meeting. Finally Pawan Kalyan came out and told that Lakshmi Narayana is going to join janasena. He revealed that both of them have been in contact for so long. He added that even though he personally wants Lakshmi Narayana to join into the party he did not pressurise him , as he doesn’t force anyone to join into the party. Pawan Kalyan told that Lakshmi Narayana has the mindset of social service and the ideologies of both of them are very much similar.


JD Lakshmi Narayana joining janasena is expected to give big boost to the party as he has very good name in the state. Also it is expected , joining of Lakshmi Narayana into janasena will embarrass ys Jagan, as he knows in and out of Jagan cases.