MS-13 stabs 16-year-old over 100 times, burns his body for trying to leave gang

Jacson Chicas fled El Salvador to get away from MS-13, according to his mother. But when they came to America, MS-13 was here as well and weren’t happy that he wanted to leave the gang. According to police, five gang members stabbed Chicas over 100 times before setting his body on fire.

The names of those accused of this horrible crime are Kevin Rodriguez-Flores, Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, Jose Hernandez-Garcia, Christian Martinez-Ramirez, and Jose Ordonez-Zometa.

My Take

The President got some heat from the sensitive left last year for calling MS-13 gang members “animals.” It may no longer be acceptable in modern society to place such labels on people, but that doesn’t diminish the reality that this heinous act was inhumane in the extreme.

It’s okay to call them animals. I won’t judge.

The streets are as dangerous as they’ve ever been. There was a time starting in the mid-80s and continuing until a few years after 9/11 that it seemed we were making headway in the fight against gang violence. But over the last five or six years, the numbers are turning again towards a rise in gang violence. It’s not isolated to the “bad parts of town,” either.

There are two major reasons this trend seems to be happening. First, the aforementioned “sensitivity” being leveled on anyone, even those who demonstrate no sensitivity or appreciation for human life, has turned many Americans into weeping willows hoping for the best in people despite clear evidence a stronger hand is needed. Second, the rise of visibility of police shootings has made many in law enforcement gun shy… in some cases literally. Rather than fighting the crime, it seems the new mission is to contain it. This is present in areas like Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, among others.

Democrats have advanced their internal aversion to law and order to the point that potential candidate Joe Biden is being labeled “tough on crime” and somehow that’s being positioned as a negative to Democratic primary voters. NOQ Report will continue to highlight the absurdity of the left’s strange perspectives on crime, as part of our charter as a crowdfunded news outlet.

It’s imperative that we get the word out about these crimes. They don’t get the coverage they deserve from most in mainstream media because it runs contrary to their narrative that compassion is better than strength. It’s a joke.

Now more than ever, we need law enforcement to crack down on the crime that is rampant on the streets. As the left tries to neuter law enforcement, conservatives must stand behind them.

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