Multiple Terror Attacks near Ariel, Dead and Wounded (Update: 11:29 AM)

Photo Credit: MDA

Scene of terror attack at Gitai Avisar Junction. March 17, 2019

At approximately 9:45 AM on Sunday, reports came in of a shooting at Tzomet Ariel and then at the Gitai Avisar junction (2 locations) near Ariel in the Shomron.

A soldier was very seriously wounded at Tzomet Ariel (Ariel Junction). MDA treated him for stab wounds, and he was transported to Beilinson Hospital.


He grabbed the soldier’s weapon, opened fire at three civilian vehicles, then stole one of them and fled, according to IDF Lieutenant Colonel (res.) Peter Lerner.

The terror cell then headed westward in a car on Highway 5.

As the terrorists drove past the Gitai Avisar junction, the terrorist opened fire at a bus stop. Multiple people were shot and wounded. One is in critical condition. Two are in serious condition. There are additional wounded.

Terror Attack Near Ariel. March 17, 2019  Credit: Hillel Meier / TPS

The terrorists then fired at Bruchin junction. They abandoned their car(s) nearby on Road 446. It’s currently unknown if there are wounded at that junction.

Credit: Eytan Shweber / TPS

10:35 AM One people reported dead, and multiple people wounded in the multiple attacks.

Credit: Eytan Shweber / TPS

Medics at the scene treated two very seriously wounded people before rushing them to Beilinson Medical Center in Petach Tikvah, according to the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency medical service.

One of the victims, a 35-year-old man, was sedated and intubated; the second was a 20-year-old man who was unconscious.

A third man was critically wounded and still being stabilized by medics at the scene.

MDA Paramedic Daniel Weissberg recalls: “Upon arriving to the Ariel Junction, a 46 eyar old male patient was brought to us. He was suffering from gun shot wounds to his upper body and was unresponsive. We provided life saving treatment including sedation and ventilation and transported him in stable yet severe condition to the hospital.”

IDF and police have set up roadblocks throughout the area as they search for the terrorist. Helicopters are in the air.

10:29 AM: There are reports of gunfire near the Arab village of Brukin.

10:53 AM Reports of possible shooting/exchange of fire near Peduel junction.

11:06 AM Another wounded Israeli was taken to the hospital.

Medical services wait by Elimelech Junction. March 17, 2019. Credit: Mizmor Leksinburg / TPS
Map of Ariel Junction -> Gitai Avisar Junction – > Beruchin – March 17, 2019  Credit Google Maps

Just over a year ago, Itamar Ben Gal, a young Israeli father of four, was murdered by a Palestinian Authority terrorist at the same site as he waited for a ride at the hitchhiking post.

This is an ongoing report.