Natalya Praises Roman Reigns as 'Inspiring' During His Children's Hospital Visit

– During her latest blog for The Calgary Sun, WWE Superstar Natalya discussed a recent visit to the UMPC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with fellow WWE Superstars Roman Reigns. Below is an excerpt from the blog where Natalya talks about how inspiring Roman Reigns is at the visit and some photos from the trip:

“Ii was so inspiring to be able to visit this hospital with Roman in particular. Roman has battled leukemia twice in his life — including very recently — and I’m proud to say he’s beaten it both times. It gave me a totally different perspective on giving back watching Roman meet these kids, hug them, high-five them, talk to them and bring them hope. He was so amazing with those kids.”

“I saw Roman in a different light in those moments. Roman was such a hero to many even before his second diagnosis. But now, here he was, just weeks after beating the disease himself, inspiring children around the world to have hope and to keep fighting. It was truly powerful and moving. We all need hope and hope is a good thing. Hope keeps us going. Roman offers us that hope.”