North Sioux City Administrator Ted Cherry says the city is raising the temporary ring levee at Military Road Bridge to a height of 44 feet.

That’s an increase of 4 feet of what was currently in place.

The crest of the Big Sioux River has gone through Elk Point and Jefferson.

The new levee level of 44 feet is 6.3 feet above the historical high flood event of 37.7 feet seen in 2014.

The Big Sioux levels had risen to 34.35 feet by early evening Saturday.

The river should crest in North Sioux City at 35.6 feet at noon on Sunday.

The Missouri River level is holding steady and should slowly recede as less water is being released from Gavin’s Point Dam.

Downstream at Dakota Dunes, Manager Jeff Dooley says they will continue to work through the night to maintain preventive measures and monitor flows.

Dooley says if failure would occur, he will ask Dakota Valley Fire District to sound sirens for residents to evacuate.

Nothing at this time indicates an evacuation, but Dooley says he wants to describe the notification process if such should occur.