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La La La (Brasil 2014) [Feat. Carlinhos Brown] - Shakira
It's So Hot (Sheen Bros) [feat. Greg Nice & Cosmo Baker] {OST 21 и больше} - 4th Pyramid
Timeles - Wisehand
Dont Stop The Music - Riana
01. The Borgias Main Titles - Борджиа (The Borgias) - 2011
Cry - Riana
Killing In The Name (Sebastian remix) - Rage Against The Machine
You May Be Right (2x05) - Eric McCormack
La La La (Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith) - Hope Murphy
This Woman's Work - Hope Murphy
Ангел или демон - Сюзанна Абдулла Сэлем
You can`t see my heart - Riana
Колыбельная игрушки ( Hakkenden/Хаккэнден) - Kiara Laine?
Jumpstart - These Kids Wear Crowns
Бар гадкий кайот - Lean Rimes
But I Do Love You - Lean Rimes
Eternal reality - FripSide
Joe Hisaihi - Theme Song -instrumental- - Anime OST [Mononoke Hime]
When You Tell Me That You Love - Julio Inglesias & Coco Lee
To a Brand-new World - Sailor Moon (song of saturn)